Love = SHINE

Children who have been loved unconditionally under the age of 2 Shine, all kids shine but under 4 they really do, they are cheeky, fun, loving, caring and daring, they are gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside. They have enough energy to run rings around us, they laugh at the smallest things and they can find fun in a cardboard box and a roll of bubble wrap.

When a child goes to school I think they change in the Shine category, I notice this in my 4 year old niece now. Maybe its due to the setting they are in and how they interact with other children, I am not sure but they do seem to change. By the time they get to being a teenager the Shine can just about be all gone. When I was 13 it was tough, however I think a 10 year old finds it tough now, hormones were one thing for me in my teens but the peer pressure now to be ‘perfect’, and the fact children just don’t know who they really and truly are on the inside not on the outside. This undoubtedly dulls that Shine even more.  This week I watched my friends little boy laugh hysterically, to us seemingly nothing, but I couldn’t help wishing that I could still laugh like that at the very simple things. The question is why can’t we?

When I was a teenager (I won’t say how young, my mum will read this!) but I discovered alcohol and the inner child part of me used to return, I was the one always making a twit of myself and having a good time laughing and larking about, until I drank one drink too many and ended up being an arse! (sorry friends). So the inner child can still come back can’t it? The bit that is locked in our subconscious maybe? It’s just a shame it maybe alcohol or drug induced. Is this why as teenagers we are more prone to abusing ourselves which can lead on into our 20’s+, is it because we are forever looking for our inner child, the sparkly bit to come back, because the world is just too tough.

So what happens when the shine goes completely, when the ability to laugh at anything in life happens, even the smallest things? We turn into adults and feel; stressed, anxious, sad, lonely, we lack confidence, self esteem. We struggle to maintain the craziness that is life when it comes to working, being a house-wife, mothering, friending, until we become so withdrawn from the world that all we see is the BAD STUFF, although good things happen every single day all around us but we don’t or cannot see them.

As women I think we seem to find it the hardest to keep hold of our inner child, whereas I think men keep it longer than we do, and still like to lark about and be silly well into their 20’s-30’s, though this all depends on individuals. My Tropic manager is 50 and she still finds the smallest things funny (the last thing being that boomerang app) so it can be done, and if we could just tap into it a little bit and get it working for us again sooner rather than later who knows what could happen. xx

” We will sparkle like jewels in a crown, how attractive and beautiful we will be, men will be robust and the women radiant.” Zech 9:16

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