Beauty in the eye of the beholder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder”

Inner beauty

If we really thought about inner beauty I assume it means the inner workings of the human body which is a bit blood and gutty really. However our body is made up of lots of systems which all work in harmony with each other to keep us alive, the human body is not just beautiful, its magnificent! So why do we concentrate so much on our outward appearance? we spend a lot of time and money on our physical beauty but what about the inner beauty? There is not one person who is identical to YOU in the whole wide world! Even the tiniest details like our finger prints are different, it is amazing if you really sit and think about it.

We are made up of a body that everyone sees, however what about the mind and spirit part? The parts that are at times unexplained or you are unable to see them so they aren’t excepted as being there at all. These are the bits that make us into a “beautiful” person not our hair, skin, makeup and figure!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are unique  and probably spend I don’t know about 80-90% (this is a guess) of our precious time, thinking we want to be like someone else whether that is in looks or in life in general, the funniest part is they probably want to be like you in one way or another!

When I thought of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I kept wanting to say “beauty is in the eye of the beer holder” which is something you may have heard or seen in certain situations. I worked in pubs for a lot of my teenage years so this is something I heard from well, frankly men who had a bit to much to drink. I just think it is such a shame that quotes like this that have a really good positive meaning get twisted to have a more negative light.

(For those of you a bit more delicate than myself “beauty is in the eye of the beer holder” is basically a man saying that he could like/do things with a certain women if he had 20 pints before he had to do it, because to him he doesn’t find her attractive which is demoralising and soul destroying for any women within ear shot. )

Men and women cannot all be attracted to each other, if we were we would have far too many to choose from, and trying to find one that you quite like is bad enough! Yet again though, this is focusing all the time on looks not on the inner beauty which can be far more interesting than what you are looking for and in people who are truly beautiful on the inside it sparkles out from them. This to me should be concentrated on more because, if anything, its far more interesting.

True inner beauty can be split into 3 parts, patience, kindness and joy, by adding or having these elements into our lives we find that we can start to feel better. No matter who, what or where we are in life, if we could add in these 3 things daily or even hourly, we can start to change our feelings enough for them to start to come through into all aspects of our life. Believe me I have been there and I am still on the journey.

I will go into patience, kindness and joy from my own personal experience. Patience is the hardest one for me.!!

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