Be kind to yourself!!

How many times in a day can you say you are kind to yourself?

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If I could have a guess I reckon it  would be none! because as women we always throw our-self to the bottom of the massive pile that is life, until eventually the life has been sucked out of us and we have nothing left.

We actually can become a stranger to ourselves, if we are too exhausted to realise that we spend our lives stressed to the max 😩. Lots of us don’t sleep  well either because we are worried or anxious about our lives, couple this with the inability to be kind to yourself during the day and it leaves you feeling blahh!!!!!

I am not saying that you need to run out to a salon or a spa every day! that would be lovely though wouldn’t it? especially if we had the money and of course the TIME!! This is where I am in a win win situation with my job with Tropic  (I pamper myself and get paid for it but thats another story!)

Now TIME is a big thing in the modern world because nobody actually has any! well no one I ask seems to anyway, and I used to be exactly the same:

“I am to busy with work, I am to busy with being a wife, daughter, mother, entrepreneur,” every single women out there is so busy trying to keep everyone else happy, that they don’t give two shits about themselves! Check out 7 reason’s why you feel you dont have enough time

Here is where I say to you, it needs to change, because actually by not taking time out for YOU, you end up doing a crappy job at everything because the stress, sadness, anxiety, depression, whatever it is that is trapping you at this moment in time takes over!  And you lose so much of you, especially the happy, joyful, smiley you that everything becomes difficult. Life becomes SHIT!

If you’re thinking I can’t, I cant do this I don’t have time!!! I just say well next time you decide to go on Facebook make a cuppa and use that as your “you time” or next time you sit down to watch TV make sure that you think this is my “Me” time, do I want to watch this or something better? my favourite thing is to have a bath!

My sister-in-law has even started getting up at 5.30 in the morning, to have her “ME TIME” she has a cup of tea watches Hollyoaks or does a work out, then gets the kids up! (5.30 is a ridiculous time to wake up but whatever floats your boat!)😋

Whatever it is that you feel is your special treat to yourself, DO IT and DO IT TODAY!😊

Why we aren’t kind to ourselves!

One of the main reasons we aren’t kind to ourselves is because we don’t feel worthy, we were bought with a price, we were born to have a purpose in our lives and none of us ever think that. We think that were just another person put on this planet to live a miserable life. That we don’t deserve to be kind to our self because we don’t deserve it. I want you to imagine a flower, your favourite flower colour etc… God created that flower the same way he has created you, every last inch of you has been knitted together in your mothers womb, it is mind blowing when you think about it!!! You my wonderful lady are so worthy of being kind to yourself you just need to believe it.

Another reason we think as women that we should not have “ME” time is because we feel guilty. Women feel guilty about everything when actually guilt isn’t something we should feel. Here is the dictionary meaning of guilt; the fact of having committed a specified or implied offence or crime.

To be guilty means you have committed a crime, the last time I checked that having some time to yourself wasn’t a crime is it??? We act like it is, and these thoughts are what gets us into feeling, what is the point? why do I bother? and feeling like the life has been well and truly sucked out of you.

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P.S be especially kind to yourself on your period, if you’re thinking I don’t have one, your body still behaves the same and the hormones go up and down the same so, there will be a week in a month that you may feel worse than normal and this is why! Today I had a nap, because its the week of my period, and it felt good!!


HUGS Leanne B xx

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