Anxiety the joy robber/party pooper!!

Anxiety the thief that loves to rob your joy in everything!!

Even if you don’t have anxiety its important to keep reading, because you never know when it may creep up on you!

Anxiety shows itself in all sorts of ways, some people can talk through it, some close themselves away, some put on a front so that no one can see it, the closest of family and friends included.

Anxiety isn’t an actual thing! I mean obviously if you are suffering from being anxious its a thing to you, but actually its a combination of the emotions fear and worry. It is where our flight or fight system kicks in and stays stuck on, which long term is not good.

Did you know that on a regular basis our brains like to test us, to see almost if it can make us go crazy or not? by this I mean, if I stand next to a cliff my head goes I wonder what would happen if I jump? It also does it when I am driving along like imagine if you crashed into that wall, what would happen? etc….. (I have never followed through with either of these thoughts just so you know). You may have some random thoughts throughout a day that you just pass off as being really irrational or silly. It is these thoughts that can culminate to make you anxious. It’s when these thoughts go from being one off’s to everyday, hour or minute. \They go from conscious thoughts to unconscious.

It all depends where we are in our lives as well, as to whether or not our brains are going  to go on a rampant thought process of scary crap, or whether we are going to say actually brain be quiet, Jesus Loves me unconditionally  I am not meant to be living this way!

If we are settled and life is fairly stable then its ok, if however something has happened in your life to upset the balance:

  • You have had a baby
  • Split with your partner
  • Lost a relative
  • Had some bad news
  • changed jobs
  • lost your job

….. This is where the difference comes between a random thought, and a bombardment of random thoughts that have the ability to destroy your life and your future as you know it.

THIS IS WHERE YOUR JOY IS ROBBED AND ANXIETY COMES A PARTY POOPER…. and the life as you know it can change forever…..

This is where you need to know that you have the ability to stop these thoughts before they go any further. Its anxiety that leads to the hard core mental health illnesses, check them out here ,these you don’t want to creep in because they are a whole different kettle of fish!

Please understand if you are struggling with any of the mental health problems stated here  its OK, Jesus wants to know and help you because he LOVES you more than you love yourself. Medication is good its designed to help reduce the problem (God gave someone the ability to make it because he for saw the problems) however it still needs confronting and being put in its place, so it doesn’t continue causing you to have the horrible symptoms which stop your life.

It may also be an idea if you don’t already, get a relationship with Jesus and learn about faith NOT  Christianity as a religion ?

WHY HAVE FAITH IN JESUS? because having faith in yourself just doesn’t seem to be working does it?

You just have to look at the state of the world to see that. Most people have faith in nothing, or worse they have faith in Jesus but aren’t living by all that means for them.

“Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you” 1 Peter 5:6-7 (NIV this is the type of bible by the way if you didn’t know its the New international version basically the one that makes more sense and can be used for life now)

You maybe thinking what the beep…. what a load of rubbish, I can’t see him so what is he going to do??

I tell you what he will do, he will help you fight the biggest and scariest battle ever, he will help you fight the battle of your mind!

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2

The pattern of this world being the one ruled by money and greed, nearly all of us can have a mind so transfixed on money that everything around us becomes negative, and we can no longer see any good in anything.

You’re thinking this still doesn’t make sense aren’t you? ok so what if I said that when we were created however many million years ago God gave us a spirit, this spirit was designed to Love him. We were all meant to LOVE him and live “perfect lives” however God was more creative than that, he decided to enable us to decide between what is right and what is wrong!  and guess what we did!!! We ate the flipping apple he told us not too!!!! and this is still the case today, this is the reason for all of the disasters,  bad and evil things that happen.

We have become so spiritually dead and faithless dead that we actually don’t even know what is right and wrong anymore, let alone be able to do anything about it! And that is where Jesus comes in LOVE, he is God but he was the human form, born as a baby and died for us, for all the bad stuff we do every single day. Whilst he was on earth he dedicated his life to helping others, and they weren’t the ones living by “RELIGION” he was hanging out with the prostitutes, alcoholics, tax collectors, the ones with diseases and deemed “unclean” by religion, the outcasts, criminals and generally anyone that had something bad going on. The ones who were spiritually sick because they needed him the most and this is US all of us (I am not calling you any of these things by the way!!) 

You’re thinking…….. ok whats the catch? what contract do I have to sign, how much do I have to pay? how often do I have to attend aren’t you????

That is the best bit, the only thing you have to do is allow Jesus into your hearts and allow him to start fighting your battles. All you need to do is say this prayer…. “Jesus please forgive my sin and come into my life, thank you for enabling me an eternal life”and truly believe what you are saying. You need to have faith! A prayer on its own is just words, like an arrow without a bow. That arrow won’t go anywhere! But a prayer said in faith is powerful. Like an arrow with a bow behind it to give it momentum and make it move! So why not start that journey to faith today?

With this the holy spirit (this is not a ghost) will enter into your heart and work to renew your lost spirit. In me it was the puzzle piece that has been missing forever.

It is the thought that someone else is fighting for you in your mind that stops the thoughts going crazy. In my head all I have to say is Jesus, do not allow me to think these thoughts, and believe he is working for me to protect me. Through him I know there is a whole world that we do not know about, I guess its a whole other realm……

The Bonus ball is when you believe in Jesus with all you heart, and you love him with all your heart,  you get a direct pass into Heaven when you eventually leave Earth no questions asked.


So go ahead and regain your SHINE through Jesus!

hugs and love xx


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