Are you spiritually starving?

Jesus spiritual? ” I thought he was some guy who walked around for 33 years and died and that is the end of that, he couldn’t possibly have an effect on my life now!” WRONG !

I would never have thought about Jesus in a spiritual way. I just saw Christianity as a boring religion, where you go to church and hear even more boring scripture from a massive great book called the Bible. I thought to be a Christian you had to live by the rules, and lets face it who wants to live by the rules. (this is religion by the way) The 2 rules I live by is Love God, Love my neighbours I wont be perfect until I get to Heaven, things will still go wrong in my life, but with Jesus walking beside me its all good, and life has already got so much better.

Why oh why didn’t I know about the Holy Spirit before? I ask myself it would have saved me a lot of heart ache growing up!

For a long time I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and just before I became a Christian I went all out spiritually and had my tarot cards read, and I made friends with a crystal healer who was a lovely girl don’t get me wrong, however it was not an area that I should have been dabbling in. I have even been tempted into seeing a medium or clairvoyant in the past as well, but thankfully I thought otherwise. Put it this way we have enough bad spirits within us and around us without inviting anymore in.

I have no doubt however that God was in all of it, because he needed me to see the reality of the many women who are spiritually starving, and they don’t look to Jesus or Christianity to find the Truth, which is so sad. We end up on the long rougher route to Jesus rather than the short cut! You can see this by the endless testimonies of atheists or members of new age religions and cultures who become Christians. You can watch a really good one here  ,the guy in this video was making millions out of blogging for members of the new age, until Jesus well and truly showed up now he blogs for him!

I am excited to tell you that Jesus is the actual King of the spiritual world, God sent him down to Earth fully human and fully God because us silly humans had gotten ourselves into a pickle, and weren’t choosing the right paths at all. God and Jesus were connected spiritually, via the Holy Spirit all of the time Jesus was on Earth. Jesus copied all that he saw his heavenly Father doing down here on Earth, so we had someone to follow and copy. Until Jesus died this spirit was only given to a chosen few people, who you can read about in the Old Testament of the Bible. However when Jesus died on the cross for us, defeated death and came back to life, then left to go back to Heaven, he enabled all believers in him to be able to have His spirit live within them. We invite the Holy Spirit in and it guides our spirits to the truth, He hears directly from God (John 16:13).

There are 30-40 healings written down that Jesus did, and were witnessed by his disciples. Of course there will be many more in the 3 years of his ministry here on earth, however these are obviously the ones that stood out, you can read them here . By healings I mean of any sickness, disease, infirmity and of course he raised some from the dead (I love the fact that through Jesus I have all these abilities as well as many other gifts as well)

I know also that some people aren’t healed for reasons that only God knows, however I have lived through personal healings. I have now come to realise it is because I had a little band of merry prayers, praying for me every day! hence this is probably why I am writing this blog today, they probably threw my salvation in Jesus in at the same time! winky face

There are also 25 versus in the bible where Jesus prayed out demons, you can see them here. Dr Neil T. Anderson writes in his book The Bondage Breaker, that demons in the bible point to people who were struggling with mental illnesses, but also people who could not speak, see, or who struggled with having fits and things were also demon possessed.

NB. Mental illness can be physical, mental or spiritual if you have ruled out 2 elements with medication and talking about it but feel no better, then you need to look else where. Anxiety to me is a spiritual problem. The voices in your head telling you what not to do, are exactly the voices that cause you to have bigger mental health problems. You can try and stop these voices yourself, however having Jesus behind you packs a whole bigger punch and they are lasting effects.

You maybe reading this as a Christian and thinking I am being blasphemous, however if you as a Christian are not feeling you have found your true identity in Jesus yet, then refusing to except the 3rd part of the trinity God, Jesus, HOLY SPIRIT then I feel for you. This is the whole point of being a Christian, in my eyes because it makes Christianity exciting when you are living in the super natural world, super natural things start to happen. Jesus was an actual person, he laughed cried, shared jokes just like you an I. Going to church and reading the bible, has a whole other meaning when you start living by the spirit because this is how you build up your relationship with him.

The Holy spirit is your key to living in the super natural world, which is now where I chose to reside spiritually every single day, because it is here that you see miracles everyday! God puts people in my path (God- incidence never co incidence) and then lets me know exactly what this person needs to hear.

We all have the “spark of the divine” Gods spirit within us because we are planned and suppose to be here. When God breathed life into us at conception it was our personal spirits her was breathing in. Even if you think you have gone off course, regardless of what you may think God has his hand in your life, from before you are born. We are all his daughters. He didn’t want us to all be like soldiers following him. He gave us free will because he wants us to Love him, like we would love our own family or children and more so.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life John 14:6

If all you have is God, you have all you need John 14:8


Leanne B xx


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