“I just don’t have time”

How many people have you spoken to today and the conversation has gone like,
Hey how are you?
I am good thanks, just really busy! Or
Time seems to fly by, or
I just don’t seem to have any time anymore…
Today I went to the funeral for a friend called Todd a 33-year-old guy that I have known for years, he died in a tragic farming accident and was the kind of guy where you think why him? A question, we will possibly never know the answer too, but God knows because his death will have played a part in the great plan of our lives.

After his funeral, they held a huge party to celebrate Todd’s life because that’s exactly how he would have wanted it, but nearly everyone I spoke to mentioned the lack of time they have in a day to do the important things like;

  • Spend time with family (God is all about family, this is an area the devil has really gotten into)
  • Make time for and love yourselves (A BIG ONE, if you don’t love yourself how are you supposed to love others like yourself, one of Jesus’s 2 commandments we should live by Mark 12:31)
  • Meet up with friends
  • Do a job you enjoy (you spend most of your life working if you don’t like it don’t waste it, find something you do like)
  • A big one was like, it takes a funeral to get us all back together again after however long!!!
    One guy I was speaking to was like, “Todd has been working up near me and we said we would meet up for a beer, but I am just so busy all the time we didn’t get around to it now we never will”.
    Another guy was again talking about work, and not being at home a lot for his 6 year old daughter, in which I said, “these younger years are the most important because soon enough she won’t need you anymore, and you will have all the time in the world to work, when she is out making her own life.”

We women also say it a lot. It is like a constant thing and it is like nails down a chalk board to me now, and considering it is in every single conversation I find it hard to bare. It is especially sad when its mums with small children who are so stressed out thinking that they “have” to be seen to be doing this that and whatever, to please everyone else that they are missing the fact their children are growing up, and in a minute that time will be gone.

Many grandparents may look back and say, I wish I had this time with my own children, I have even heard Lord Sugar speak of this at a conference for Tropic Skin Care. However, with the ever-increasing working age and the need to work to pay the bills! Even the grandparents, who let’s face it are closer to meeting their marker more so than us, we hope are wasting time in this life!

I have had this vision, given to me by Holy Spirit, that if anyone dies a non-Christian (by this I mean have not excepted Jesus into your life and heart, you may or may not be a church goer, it doesn’t actually matter), Jesus is maybe just there right after dying to say, “do you know me really? Do you remember me from some far-off memory bank, but you just didn’t put me in the right place to enable me to help you live your life as intended?”
And for the person to have this sudden realisation, of oh my goodness I knew there was something missing, what a WASTE of my life! Just a fleeting realisation before you enter the presence of God in Heaven where no such thoughts will ever bother you again!

(N.B this is a vision given to me by the Holy spirit, I haven’t found any actual reference to this in the bible however Jesus’ GRACE and MERCY surpasses our imagination he LOVES us he is bound to always have a plan Z is A-Y failed)

One thing I have found in the last 14 months is to work on Gods timing, because he makes it that even if you have several things to do in a day, you can get them all done perfectly, and still manage to do puzzles and play as well, with no stressing, what so ever.
The other best bit about working on Gods timing is, having complete and utter peace in your head, I can do one job and concentrate on it, get it done and that leaves plenty of time to; Meet up with those friends, play with the kids and do the important things in life that we were intended to do, to make sure that we enjoy it.
GOD LOVES us that’s why he sent Jesus, it is just that the devil or prince of this world, has gotten into everyone’s minds, and is trying to destroy any chance of being happy, and having healthy relationships with friends and family that he can.
He was in my head and still tries to pop back at times to do the same, and every single day I THANK GOD for sending us JESUS, in our time and generation to be able to use him as he intended. To LOVE us unconditionally, and forgive us completely for every “sin” “bad” thing we have done in the past.
We are Gods daughters, he is a father who loves us and wants to know us……………….
Matthew 9-22 “take heart daughter, your faith has healed you”


Love and hugs always Leanne x

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