Rest is the key to survival

Its the time of year again where the bugs start flying! I was going to send Hayley (my 4 year old) to school today because she is off colour but she hasn’t got a blazing temperature, she isn’t being sick or anything like that. She is just not right and she has a cough, and her nose is a little stuffed up.

My initial thought was she’ll be fine, she will forget about it when she gets there! Then I thought at what cost? I am on this journey of discovering about me. I know now that when my body says I need to rest, I HAVE TO REST else lo and behold my back will either go, so I can’t stand without pain, or I will get poorly. read more about my back here 

If I asked my own body how it was feeling today as well, it would say you need to sleep, which is code for there is an internal antibody battle going on! My throat is a bit scratchy but generally just feeling a bit blurg!!! As Hayleys mum its therefore my responsibility to make the decision for her, that she needs to listen to the signs of her body. She is normally an incredibly fit and healthy child. She has never had to have anti biotics and she gets over things withing 2 days, we don’t go to the Dr unless its urgent! I am not being overactive is what I am saying, I don’t like her being off school! Which is why I try and minimise stress in her life, get her to bed well, give her good and nutritious food ( If she will eat it!!). And keep her active!

So if I could be a child again, I think the most important thing I would want to learn is to listen to my body! If we were animals in the wild, we would need to listen to our bodies because if we become really sick we are going to get killed. So if we can listen to the early signs and take rest then, rather than getting to crisis point. It is going to be much better for us, but also for those around us who then have to look after us. ( No one likes to be a burden)

Back to Hayley- I know for sure there is a sickness bug going around, and 2 out of the 4 adults who live in this house have colds/coughs. So if you ask me her immune system is working over time, most likely to keep the sickness bug OUT!! because in the bodies case that can do the most damage.

This weekend as well she has had 3 late nights, Friday night she watched fire works with daddy planned late night. Saturday night she was in bed by 7.30 and didn’t want to go to sleep. Sunday night the worst fear for us parents happened, when she fell asleep in the car and woke up whilst we were moving her. So of course she thought I am wide awake!!!

Yesterday as well was a rather sugar induced diet day, with biscuits at church, ice cream and cake at Granddads party, and then the cheeky monkey convinced Granddad she could have another chocolate biscuit! I know from personal experience sugar suppresses my immune system. I know when I have had to much sugar because I get cold and flu type symptoms! I am sure therefore that Hayley’s is the same.

Add in the fact the weather is changeable from icy, to windy and wet. Then generally speaking, looking at the bigger picture the chances of infection occurring eventually this week are quite high. I for one don’t want her to get the bug, who does want their child sick? So by choosing to give her a rest day at home, with no sickness bug germs lurking, we will go and get some fresh air later. She will eat lots of fruit (it would be a miracle if it were vegetables as well)  and no sugar and just let her mind and body chill. We minimise the chances! HOPEFULLY!

Just to clarify, My job is very flexible, so I can easily change things around when it comes to child care! I know it isn’t that easy if you need to work, and you don’t have child care. Equally as a child myself my Gran and Granddad used to look after us, so again child care was sorted even if we were just off colour.

Are you a go until your burnt out type of person?

Jesus says ” Come to me… I will give you rest”Matthew 11:28. This isn’t physical rest, this is spiritual rest which is more important. Spiritual rest, enables you to have physical rest, because your body goes back to the way it was originally designed. From a Love Peace and Joy point of view rather than a Fear, Busy and Sad view.

Praying that this message has helped you in some way

Leanne Barriball xx

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