The power behind negative words!

If I have learnt anything in the last 2 years it is that there is power in positive thinking, but their is also power in positive words! Words that I speak over other people, and words I speak over myself. Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death

This week I discovered what happens when you don’t just think negatively about yourself, you actually speak it out loud! and the out come hasn’t been good! On Wednesday evening I was feeling particularly drained and negative about things, and I said out loud! why I am failing at everything? I am not doing anything well at all! I will say the only reason I was thinking this, is because things aren’t working out as I imagine they should! If I look at the bigger picture its the exact opposite, I am seeing amazing answers to my prayers, and I am learning about a whole other way of living. Living the way God intended rather than the way of the world. But in that moment I wasn’t in a good place!

Little did I know that within 12 hours I would be spiritually attacked, I had given the enemy clearance to rampage my body, all because I had spoken negatively about myself. The devil doesn’t know our thoughts, but he can hear them if we say them! I felt like i’d been stabbed in the back, the stomach and then the sickness and diarrhea started!

You may just think this is a just a bug, but I believe that when we walk with Jesus we are healed, because that is the reason that He died for you and I. He died to take away all of the pain and sickness for us, so when I get ill I know that isn’t from God.

I have been in a spiritual battle for months now regarding my gran and her mental health, and I know that when you pray goodness and light into situations, you cut off generational soul ties, and you remit the sins of the person who is not walking in the light at the moment. The enemy will always be there waiting to attack. To continue to destroy not only my gran but my family as well.  Paul says in Ephesians, ” Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but its against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. I have been so grateful for the Armour of God to protect me in these battles!

The mind is a battle field when it comes to negative thoughts, and the thing is once they are there, unless you take conscious steps to stop them, or change them they stay in your mind. This then has a whole negative effect on your body, and your life essentially.

So next time you think something negative about yourself, check it and stop yourself saying it! There is truth in negative attracts negative and this is it, we are all in spiritual battles whether you know it or not! It just so happens I am on the winning side, with God the father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit for back up!

Yesterday I spent the whole day praying for myself to be strengthened and cleansed, but also for my family to not get it! I believe because I have asked I will receive, because there is amazing power in prayer!

Lots of love and blessings

Leanne B

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