My change of view about sex before marriage.

I am on a journey, a spiritual emotional mental and physical journey! It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realised I had a very bad attitude towards, making love or sex if you would prefer.

The world has made love making into something dirty, sordid and down right disgusting really. Women are looking at porn stars with their perfect bodies, and faces that pretend they are enjoying it. Wives then think, I need to look like that for my husbands to love me.

Husbands are then looking at this porn star image, and maybe wanting their wives to rein-act it and maybe they just don’t want to! The 2 scenarios together prevent sex within the marriage from happening at all, with a fear of not living up to expectation!

Then there comes all this rubbish with, “you don’t have sex after marriage” causing young men to never actually make honest women of their girls! Because they know they need the sex! It’s also a myth with the no sex after babies! We should still be having sex right up until we die I reckon! Why stop something that is good and free as my husband would say!!

Then there is the rise of teenage pregnancy’s, rape and paedophiles. People having sex with people they don’t know, or having multiple partners at one time. The world has actually gone sex mad and not in the good sense. We can’t even kiss our children on the lips now without someone potentially saying “it’s sick or it’s wrong”

So where did my bad attitude towards sex from? Basically it comes from the fact I should NEVER have had sex before marriage! You’re probably thinking “oh that old chestnut” well actually when you think about the act of making love, for what it was originally intended you will see what I mean.

I believe that God created everything good, love making in humans, should result in its intended purpose, babies being made! “Go forth and multiply” in order for babies to be made you need a seed and an egg. Once fertilised an egg then goes into the womb, which if thought of in the depth I’ve been thinking, should become a very sacred place to a women. A place that a woman should want to protect, and not give over to just any man. It should be the one!!

However us girls, because of the broken world we live in, the majority of us don’t keep this sacred place sacred and give ourselves to men. Who quite frankly probably don’t even deserve to be anywhere near there! Most of the time!

You may think this is an old fashioned view, but actually since I discovered what happened to me spiritually every time I sinned against my body, and ultimately against God, because this wasn’t what my body was designed for. A disconnection occurred between my own spirit and God, thus causing a whole manner of wrong ideas regarding sex

When we have sex with someone, we essentially become one with them. This means there is a spiritual and emotional connection that occurs, and we are aligned with that person. This includes any spiritual and emotional issues they may have. We essentially take on a heap more rubbish than what we realise. Which is why it should be a decision never to be taken lightly, even if you do choose to have sex outside of marriage. I chose to do this, God never intended for me to do this to myself! However when a disconnection from the life force that created us occurs, the consequences are so destructive, to our souls!!!!

I regarded love making as a “dirty” thing which of course can cause serious problems in a relationship. Husbands and wives are meant to make love REGULARLY! For fun that’s what orgasms are for! You don’t need an orgasm to make babies, because most animals don’t have them! God gave us orgasms to enjoy making love, but ultimately we make love because as humans we need physical contact, to keep us going. This can be in the form of hugs, kisses and making love because let’s face it you’re in contact everywhere!!!

So what happens when you have revelation like I have had and you want to have a clean soul as well? The first and most important thing is to invite Jesus to come into your life, if he isn’t there already! Without Him we aren’t able to go to God, and say sorry for the mistakes we have made! I only had the revelation of what was going on in my mind and soul regarding sex, because of the relationship I have with God. Before I would never of even thought that there was an issue, with me. Until I realised actually God wants me to have sex with my husband and enjoy it, because He created it for us.

I said sorry to God for every misdemeanour I had regarding previous boyfriends. And because Gods grace is huge and because I have Jesus on my side, of course I was forgiven, and my soul is being restored to what it should be.

My identity as a woman, and a child of God is being restored! My husband is also very happy, because to them they feel they are being a good husband if they can please their wives 😉 men aren’t normally very emotional characters, however sex can help them release off any tensions they may have for what ever reason.

Some food for thought 🙂 x

A good book to read is “Intimate Issues 21 questions Christian Women Ask About Sex” By Lorraine Pintus and Linda Dillow.

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