Hey I am Leanne and I found Jesus in 2016 and he encouraged me to set up this page, after finding out that it wasn’t just me in the world that struggled with Life! In 2014 my gorgeous girly Hayley was born. I thought she was going to be a boy (told by everyone!) her being a girl started off a snow ball effect in my life. I wasn’t able to go back to work and get covered in cow poo as a farmers daughter due to an injury I sustained whilst pregnant, so I signed up as an ambassador for a skin care and cosmetics company called Tropic (how different 2 jobs can be)

Little did I know that all of this was in God’s plan at that time!

I decided that women just don’t or can’t love themselves and I didn’t want my daughter to be brought up to think in the same way. I aim for her to know exactly who she is on the inside because that is what counts, not what she looks like which is the way the world seems to view women. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalm 139, there is no such things as a “NORMAL” person because no person is the same.

I pray that if I can help one women with this blog to help them feel better on the inside and shine, that’ll be my part played. Then women everywhere, will pass it onto daughters, sisters, mums, niece’s in their life and so on. I want my daughter and nieces to be bought up surrounded by women who know themselves from the inside out and in turn this makes them stronger.

“In a world full of woes its the way we react that counts”

So here it is how to feel good on the Inside and Shine

” We will sparkle like jewels in a crown, how attractive and beautiful we will be, men will be robust and women radiant.” Zech 9:16

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