My whole story x

Born: 12th September 1988 Reborn: 26th June 2016

It took me 27 years to realise what the piece of the puzzle that had been missing in my life was! It was Jesus and the unconditional love, and acceptance of my true identity in him. When I found it I couldn’t help thinking, could you not have come along before? When I was getting up to well, God knows what in my teenage years! The answer is NO it couldn’t have happened before,  because all along God has been setting me up for the day I was reborn in 2016. Where I would embark on probably the most exciting part of my life so far, and anyway I should be lucky some don’t receive Jesus until, well actually until they are about to die, which will never do and I pray that doesn’t happen to you!!!

REBORN: to be brought back to life or to have a complete spiritual change.

Do you know I think I was brought back to life that day! Never before had a stood in a church, sung amazingly uplifting songs to a 6 piece band, listened so intently to the person that was speaking (you can hear it here if you like) and felt…. Well actually I felt so over whelmed I cried . Then the following week I cried again (please understand it was not in a sad way) , I was hooked I went back again and this time he got me ( Jesus that is)! Lindsay Hamon was the guy we had speaking that day, a kind of crazy guy that carries a whacking great wooden cross around the world, preaching the gospel to the desperate, the needy, the sick, and damaged people the sinners, US.

As he was talking I remember he looked straight at me, and that was the moment I knew there was something BIGGER going on, something that I didn’t really understand but I knew it felt fantastic. I had to find out more about it. This was the day I accepted Jesus completely into my heart and received his HOLY SPIRIT properly along with it. This is the bit that helps me down here on this broken planet. The Holy Spirit leads me in the truth, and is guiding me to be healed, deeply on the inside. The Holy Spirit makes me cry, makes me laugh, it even lies me flat on my back in church when people pray for me!

The holy spirit is sent into the hearts of all believers of Jesus as a friend, confident, encourager, guider, and ultimately fantastic thing. If you had nothing in the world, family, friends, money, possessions but you believe in Jesus, and have his Spirit living within you,  you need nothing else. The Holy Spirit is how people are healed, like they write about in the Bible, because guess what! We have the power to heal people in the name of Jesus.

It is through God/Jesus’s Holy Spirit which is where faith is born, and you move from the natural to the super natural world, where everything you could ever want is a prayer away, this is where miracles can happen.  All you have to do is give your life to Jesus, and lean on him not just when the going gets tough, like most of us, but when your bumbling along not really sure what your purpose is. Because when you do and your profess your love for him over everything else it is so AMAZINGLY FREEING

So if you don’t know what I mean by Holy spirit, I am not talking ghosts ghost. I can only explain really that the holy spirit is the voice in your heart. If you are of a spiritual nature, you may have encountered some situations in your life that well you couldn’t really discuss, with just anyone else they may think you are mad. Or maybe because they cant be physically or scientifically proven then you put it down to your imagination, and move on. Well I am here to tell you that there is a whole world out there, that we can’t see. It is this unseen world that is what causes all the evil and destruction to happen on earth, and it is Jesus that is the LIGHT and defender in this Spiritual realm, the only way you can be truly protected. Lady Gaga explains this brilliantly in this video

Death is one of a human beings biggest fears, and we have made it dark and gloomy, eerie and scary through films, and media the Devil  has cottoned on to the fact we are all so scared of dying, and he is now using it against us. We were all given the ability to know and learn right from wrong, as children with the right parenting we should be able to know what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

The Devil doesn’t want us to have good lives, happy lives and live in harmony with each other because he doesn’t love us.

God loves us and he proved this by giving us his only son, Jesus to die on the cross to take away every single bad thing we have ever done, because things had gotten that bad… (because we all should know right from wrong but we chose not to)

OH and by the way, when you profess your love for Jesus this is like a direct ticket straight into heaven, yes that is a real place as well…. It is perfect there no pain, suffering, terrorists, weather disasters…. Just complete peace and harmony, living alongside God for eternity, with who ever you have managed to encourage along the way. (SO FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLEASE SORT IT OUT, I WANT YOU THERE FOR THE PARTY)

This is how I can now find dying ok!, I didn’t before I was petrified!!!!!! dead

So the fear of death, to me now is ok, because of all the things that is going to happen in life that is absolutely certain…. but the Devil has taken this fear of ours, and has run rife with it, it is he that whispers in the ears of a terrorist go on just blow up that arena, with how ever many kids in it (Manchester 2017). Because he doesn’t love us, he is just annoyed because he wanted to knock God of his perch and become the ruler, and he lost!. Sounds like a Disney film doesn’t it, I know its hard to comprehend but the quicker we all do and become united in Jesus Christ, the sooner we can start to live in peace again. In the war when all seemed lost they turned to prayer read here to see what happened, this is what we need.

So you maybe reading this as a Christian and thinking, this is a load of rubbish what is she on about Jesus died, he cant still guide us and speak to us, put us in the right places at the right time, or allow the right people to cross our paths when they need to. Well actually he can and you may want to check that out! Because if you were like me living as a religious Christian, were there are all these rules and things, scripture that you don’t even understand because it was written 1000’s of years ago. You just go to church at Christmas because you have to, or worst still you go to church every week and get nothing like the feelings I have felt. Well that isn’t how God wants us to see him, he wants us to see him as a living spirit, this spirit lives inside of us which then makes US, our bodies become a vessel for the Holy Spirit. We can then go out and tell everyone else the amazingly GOOD NEWS that Jesus died for us, all because he loves us and the whole story of our lives hasn’t been written yet, but God knows what is going to happen. We could go from the boring and mundane life style, where we have a crappy job, we may have family problems, marital problems, be living on the streets etc….

To an amazingly exciting life, the kind in which I am currently living and why I feel the need to share this with you.

I pray that you just be curious………………………. or find a good Church Bridge Church Launceston being one of them, there are loads out there! They are the ones that do things a bit differently then what you are used to….


Hugs and kisses xx